• Testimonials

  • Our NYC DR said last week my feet are all normal now & we all thanked God right then and there! Dr included! He told us to go to CH enjoy hiking and send lots of pictures! So please know all my ️years with you helped me make it this far!

    Pat N

  • Dr. Zhao is a compassionate, highly trained professional! I highly recommend her. I have gone to her for about 8 years....it is just so healing for me. You can talk to her about anything you want, she has so much experience, so many suggestions and will customize the treatments to YOU. She also can provide herbs and supplements fairly inexpensively.

    Gloria Pryor

  • If you want to try acupuncture, you need to know that Dr. Zhao was a top medical doctor in China and has over 20 years experience here, even teaching at a nearby chiropractic school. I would really recommend a real Chinese person, especially a doctor for this type of medicine....she can give you so much background that westerners cannot. This is not western medicine, this is a different culture/philosophy, so please acknowledge that.

    Margaret Brown

  • She is one of my favorite practitioners of all time. She is super patient, knowledgeable and very supportive. You may or may not "feel" immediate results after your first visit: please don't give up. This is a process that involves much more than just showing up and getting needles....it is a whole philosophy (including nutrition, sleep, relaxation, allergies, etc) to help your healing journey.

    Michael Clifford

  • Dr. Zhao is THE most skilled healer I have ever known. I've been a patient for over 12 years, even traveling now to Rochester to still work with her for acute and chronic issues. There have been so many times I came to her office crying in despair and pain when other doctors just shrugged. She is a rare find. She was an MD in China (what a bonus) and brings valuable insight into Chinese culture, medicine, herbs and nutrition as only someone who was raised there (and apprenticed under her grandfather who was a doctor, too) would know. She is a born teacher. She taught at The NYS Chiropractic College (an alternative healthcare institution) and is well respected for her ability to diagnose and create herbal remedies from her stockpile of strong and effective herbs. Many acupuncturists have not been trained to blend herbs, won't spend the money to accumulate an apothecary and push big bottles of pills, instead. You will heal faster with real, potent herbs under under her expertise! She has helped myself and my close friends heal from chronic pain, eczema, reproductive issues, insomnia and anything you can think of related to stress! She is always, always upbeat, smiling and genuinely wants to get to know you! She is very accessible and will accommodate your schedule. She has a strong accent, but please be patient and keep an open mind. I honestly tell people that I leave her office skipping, I feel like I've been given a second chance. You will absolutely heal!

    M.C, Ithaca

  • "Thank you for all the wonderful care you have given me. You've enriched my life & healed my body & spirit."

    A. Love